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Jenni Parks - New Roof

Edgar Juarez was recommended to me by a friend when my roof sprang a huge leak.  He and his crew did such a good job on my new roof that I always call him first for the next project. Edgar is ethical and kind. He tells you what he's doing and why. He's a skilled carpenter, among all of his other skills and offers aesthetically pleasing suggestions that I get to see and enjoy every day now.

Jenni Parks

Edgar and his team have completed 2 major projects on our home in the Canon area of Taos: major remodeling of our master bath & guest bath, and restoration of major damage done by water leak while we were gone. In both projects Edgar’s work was of the highest quality and the finished work looked beautiful! And, Edgar finished the work on time and for a reasonable price. Edgar is an excellent craftsman who sweats the details and makes sure you are happy with the final result. We cannot recommend him too highly!

Paul Phillips & Susan Zimmerman

Chris and Lewie Pell

We highly recommend Edgar Juarez.  Everything he has constructed for us is of fine quality and enduring.  In addition to building quality homes as a contractor, he is knowledgeable and highly skilled in many areas, such as free-standing garden walls that don't crack, laying patio pavers just right interior precision floor tiling, perfect painting and much more.  Edgar is a willing and able professional, a solid family man who can be trusted, is flexible and fun to work with.

Chris and Lewie Pell

I'm a property owner and manager who has used Edgar Juarez for five years now. He is always my first call.  Edgar has completed four renovation projects, has installed two new roofs and has built an entire new house for me to name a few jobs he's completed. Edgar is ethical, delivers a quality final product, values the relationship with the client and is a highly spirited individual.  He  has always had good communication, has found the best subcontractor pricing and has educated me in ways that has allowed me to do some of my own work now. I'm pleased to call him friend.

Alena Gilchrist

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